What is your Texture Type?

Its time to embrace our hair Texture, Know it well, and understand it, every type of hair is beautiful , but do we know what to use on our hair? sometimes we forget what our hair needs, and use the wrong type of of products, that are not meant for our hair. Since your hair texture is hardwired into your DNA, there is not much to do about it, except embrace it, and be proud, so many many products on the market, are designed for different textures, MIZANI for one is an amazing brand for textured hair,  one of the few products, standing out in this range, is the Miracle Length, which we personally love.

Mizani Miracle length is a hair line and root stimulator for hair loss, and thinning out hair, also good for over all strenthening of the  hair.. Its time we take control of our hair and invest in it..


Love and Light...